Support with Scouting

Gateshead Scouts recognise that for some young people and their families the cost of Scouting can be a barrier to access. Financial support is available from a number of different sources to help with things like the cost of uniform, regular membership fees and the cost of activities and camps.

Parents/carers should not worry about asking for financial support – Scouting is a fully inclusive organisation and we have funds available to support access to Scouting. In some cases various funders may ask for evidence to support a funding application but all requests for support are always treated in the strictest confidence.

Support from Scout Groups

All scout groups in the District are able to provide some level of financial assistance with things like uniform, equipment, membership fees and activities. Each scout group has their own policy and parents/carers should ask their section leaders or Group Scout Leader for details of what support is available locally.

Note that Explorer Scouts / Young Leaders are not formally part of the Scout Group (they are part of the District Explorer Scout provision) and may or may not be able to apply for financial support from the Scout Group to which they are linked.

Support is also available via the Scout District, Scout County and National Scout HQ and you should also contact your section leaders or Group Scout Leader for details of how to make an application. In most cases your section leaders or Group Scout Leader will make an application on your behalf.

Support from Gateshead Scouts

Gateshead Scouts have an ‘Access for All’ fund which can help with the cost of Scouting, up to 50% of the cost of uniform, activities or camps, up to a maximum of £500 per person per year.

Note that the ‘Access for All’ fund only usually provides support with membership fees for Explorer Scouts (support for membership fee costs for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts usually comes from the scout group).

Support from Durham Scout County

Durham Scout County have a ‘County Commissioner’s Fund’ which can help with the cost of Scouting along similar lines to the Gateshead ‘Access for All’ fund. Applications to both funds could result in covering 100% of uniform, activity or camp costs for members.

Support from the Scout Association

Various funds are also available from the national Scout Association, but funding availability can vary from time to time. Your section leaders or Group Scout Leader will again be able to help.

It is essential that if you are seeking for support for a camp or an activity you ask for help as soon as possible as it takes time to process applications and retrospective support cannot be given. If you have any questions about what funding support is available for Scouting in Gateshead, please email and we’ll be happy to help you.

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