The explorer scout section (‘Explorers’) offers young men and women aged 14 to 17 the chance to engage with a sociable, fun and adventurous programmes while further developing their sense of responsibly, sense of identity and skills for life.

Gateshead explorer scout units are part of the district explorer scout provision but are based in their local communities, supported by local scout groups.

What do Explorers do?

Explorers offers a varied and fun programme. As well as the traditional focus on adventure and the outdoors, young men and women are given a wealth of opportunities to develop and find themselves. There is also the chance to become an explorer scout young leader and the training provided further develops the leadership skills of our young people
The explorer section gives spirited young people a chance to shine. It’s a flexible programme, recognising that young people have other commitments, allowing them to enjoy Scouting while balancing school, college and work.

Explorer scouting is also very sociable, giving young men and women the chance to work flexibly in a variety of structures and to further develop their leadership and teamworking skills while having a lot of fun with their peers. While individual units are based with local scout groups, the district explorer scout programme provides our explorer scouts with a wider range of programme and activity options and a chance to meet and work with a broader range of like-minded young people.

Likewise, large scale explorer scout events in the scout county provide opportunities to explore the world beyond Gateshead, and to meet and make friends from across the region.

As well as achieving their top Scout awards (Chief Scouts Platinum and Diamond Awards and the Queen’s Scout Award), our explorer scouts also have the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme at all levels (bronze, silver and gold). These awards are highly valued by colleges, universities and employers and are a suitable recognition of the wide range of activities and achievements in the explorer scout section.

Explorer Scouts in Gateshead

Explorer Scouts is a Scout District provision and not every Scout Group has their own Explorer Scout Unit. The following Scout Groups have Explorer Scout Units partnered with them. Please click on the Scout Group name to access the Scout Group page and check on the availability of places:

Scout Group Location Meeting Night
5th Birtley Birtley (DH3 1AD) Monday
7th Gateshead Bensham / Teams (NE8 2SZ) Thursday
9th Gateshead Wrekenton (NE9 7JS) Friday
12th Gateshead Whickham (NE16 4SH)
13th Gateshead Beacon Lough (NE9 6RZ) Monday
21st Gateshead Low Fell (NE9 5EU) Monday
31st Gateshead Low Fell (NE9 6QD) Thursday
32nd Gateshead Whickham (NE16 4SP) No Explorers
39th Gateshead Windy Nook (NE10 9SU) Friday

Can you help transform lives?

Volunteering with an explorer scout section is different – we’re taking about supporting young men and women rather than boys and girls. It’s an opportunity for adults to have fun and take part in some super activities, but it’s also the chance to mentor young adults as they find their way in life. Working with explorer scouts is great fun and is also highly rewarding.

To find a place a local group, check out our Join Us page.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls