Squirrel Scouts is the latest addition to the Scouting family in the UK, offering boys and girls aged 4 and 5 year the option to start their Scouting journey at a younger age.

Squirrel dreys are gradually being introduced across the country and are part of local community based scout groups.

After attending the drey for several weeks, Squirrels official join the Scouting family and are given their group neckerchief (scarf) group to wear with their bright red sweatshirt.

Why become a Squirrel?

The early years of childhood are a key time for children to develop basic practical, language and social skills. Taking part in a well organised, well run and age appropriate programme of activities at the age of four or five pays great dividends in terms of personal development and has lifelong benefits, especially where young people lack other opportunities. This is why Scouting in the UK started the squirrel scout section.

What do Squirrels do?

The squirrel scout programme takes the best of the Scouting method and delivers it in an age appropriate programme that is packed with fun and excitement. It’s all about storytelling, playing games, exploring the outdoors, meeting new friends and having lots of fun.

Typical squirrel scout meetings last for an hour or so and pack in a variety of fun and enjoyable activities, and there are also opportunities to get out and about either as part of the regular weekly meeting or at the weekend.
Squirrel Scouts is an ideal introduction to the life long benefits that being involved in Scouting brings Like the other sections in Scouting, squirrels have the opportunity to earn badges for a wide variety of activities, to complete four Challenge Awards and gain their Chief Scouts Acorn Award.

Can you help transform lives?

Gateshead Scouts are looking to open our first squirrel dreys in the district, but to do so we need more volunteers. Most squirrel dreys are supported by the squirrels parents volunteering to run a squirrel drey, thereby providing a valuable opportunity to spend time with your young children.

Local squirrel dreys would be supported by existing scout groups and parents volunteering to help would receive practical training and support to deliver a well thought out and mature programme full of ideas and resources. If you would like to help us to open a squirrel drey near you, please contact us.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls